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about dEBBI

Debbi Perkul’s career has spanned several fields, ranging from Jewish education, social studies teacher, and currently, workforce development, helping people increase their education to move into higher skilled, higher paying jobs.  In recent years, Debbi has branched out to achieve her dreams  in several, very different areas.


She wrote and published her first book that was born from her master’s thesis in Jewish History. A short biography of her great-great-great aunt Rae Landy, made her imagine that someday she would write a book about her. After years of just thinking about it, Debbi was finally inspired to write this book and is so grateful for everyone who encouraged her to follow her dream. 


As soon as the book was turned into the publisher, Debbi began to plan her and her husband's trip around the world. What was once a fantastical dream became a reality that Debbi and Jay blogged about.


And last, but certainly not least, Debbi's professional career as a workforce development strategist keeps her going strong every day. This part of her journey is to strive to make the world a better place. 


 Debbi enjoys long bike rides and going on travel adventures with her husband and family.  Debbi proudly calls Cleveland, Ohio her home.

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