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Five Reasons It’s So Hard To Keep a Daily Blog On a Road Trip

I know you all have been wondering where my promised blog is. So, not to make too many excuses, but here are the top five reasons it has been impossible for me to even put up one blog post:

  1. Our days have been jam-packed with activity and at night after uploading photos onto the computer I fall asleep.

  2. I wrote one blog post and it was so lame and boring that I trashed it and resolved to do something more interesting.

  3. So far we’ve driven 2,065 miles, and who has the time to write over all those driving miles?

  4. No seriously, it took me 2,065 miles to realize I could type my blog in the car while driving (Jay driving, which is 95% of the time) and then could post it at night.

  5. I think it’s taken me all these 6 days to figure out how to do this blog. And so hopefully you will enjoy reading it. We shall see…

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