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8 Things We Learned About South Dakota

  1. There are more than 6 people that live there. There are actually things to do there.

  2. There are some real hidden gems in this state. *maybe not hidden to you, but never fully appreciated by us.

  3. Badlands was amazing and wish we could have spent a bit more time there exploring

  4. The "historic lantern tour" at Jewel Cave near Custer was a great adventure. The best part was when Ken had us extinguish the lanterns and we spent a few moments in the dark of the cave. It gave us a taste of what real spelunking might be like. Brought back fond memories for me in Brown County IN spelunking with my friends from college.

  5. Mount Rushmore was pretty cool, but we spent only about 45 minutes there.

  6. Custer State Park was amazing. Lots of cool animals, including bison.

  7. The water from the soda machines tasted terrible.

  8. It can be raining and sunny at the same time.

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