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Visit with Ruth and Leila in the Great Wilderness of Montana

We had a SUPER great time visiting with Ruth and Leila at their cabin in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains and we so appreciate their hospitality and generosity!!!!

Our top things we will always remember?

Of course visiting with our dear friends and spending some super quality time with them!!! (Love you guys!)

Finally seeing their little piece of heaven, their snug cabin in the foothills of the Crazy Mountains, and their way of life while at their cabin. How much fun it all is!!

Their wonderful friend who let us stay in his luxury cabin for 4 nights, brought up two 4-wheelers (ATVs) for the boys to each have their own to ride, and took us on a wonderful, tough hike up the Crazy Mountains to see a hidden mountain lake and spectacular views.

The hike up to the hidden mountain lake

with spectacular views.

The boys riding around on the ATVs for hours every day and having a blast (except for that little incident when Danny happened to wipe out and end up with the ATV turned over in a ditch. Yes I was pissed off he was reckless, yes he was a bit banged up, and yes the ATV had some minor damage but it sure taught him a lesson about the power of a big machine)

Having the last day there be a rainy day, which gave us a great excuse to sit in the cozy cabin and watching a movie. (fittingly, Wild was the movie)

Seeing a very different lifestyle and mindset of the people in rural Montana. Hunting and fishing and wilderness survival is an important part of their lives. So interesting.

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