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Guest Post: Road Trip Power Rankings: Week 3

1. Seattle, Washington - 7/19 - 7/23

We arrived in Seattle for our first American big city of the trip. We spent day one at Pike Place, a world famous street market right on the water in Downtown Seattle. We walked over to Seattle Center from there, where we saw the Space Needle, the Science Center, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. After that, the parents returned to Ricki’s for book-talk number one, while we went to see the Gum Wall, and then watched the Yankees beat the Mariners. Although both of us came into some extreme danger during batting practice, (Danny getting hit by a ball and Jeremy almost getting hit in the face twice), it was a great game, and a cool stadium. On day two, we went to the Chittenden Locks, the busiest locks in the country, discovered MOD Pizza, went on a chocolate tour at the Theo Chocolate Factory, and stopped at Kerry Park. The following morning, on day three, we woke up early and drove to Mt. Rainier where we hiked through the snow to Glacier Vista, which provided some outstanding views of the mountain itself, as well as the surrounding mountain range. On the way back, we stopped for MOD Pizza again, and saw some classic cars on display. Seattle was an incredible city, and the perfect way to end the first half of the trip.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - 7/16 - 7/19

Vancouver was our first big city after all of the National Parks and remote mountain areas that we visited. We spent our first day in Stanley Park, where we rented bikes, split up, and toured almost all of Downtown Vancouver, as well as the park itself. We rode to the Olympic Cauldron was the 2010 Winter Games, saw the Canucks’ arena, the B.C. Lions’ stadium (CFL), and plenty of great skyline views. The next day we took a day off, napping and watching movies at the hotel. Our last day, on our way out, we stopped at Grainville Island, where we shopped in all different kinds of shops in the island’s marketplace, and walked along the boardwalk.

3. North Cascades National Park, Washington - 7/16

On our way out of Washington, we stopped for an early morning hike in North Cascades National Park. We hiked uphill about 3 miles to Ann Lake, another beautiful body of water hidden in the mountains. After the hike, as we continued to drive through the Park, we stopped at a lookout that displayed the most beautiful green-ish glacial water you could possibly imagine. Although it was incredibly windy, the views were gorgeous.

Clearly, week 3 kept the excitement going! For more pictures, follow our Instagram account @dumbndumber17.

Jeremy and Danny

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